Oyo State Visit

A four-member mission by the Gaming Board of Oyo, Nigeria is having an educational trip to Cyprus, for the purpose of acquiring know-how in matters of supervision and gambling regulation.
The Nigerian Regulatory Authority delegation is represented by Oyo's Gaming Board CEO and the Human Resources, IT, Legal and Finance Director. The delegation also includes a representative of the Nigerian Investment Organization and another official of the Authority.
The delegation's program, from 27th of May to 31st of May, includes contacts and presentations on the expertise already acquired by the Cypriot counterpart Organisations, the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission and the National Betting Authority, in terms of regulatory framework, supervision, licensing issues, technology issues, and responsible gaming programs.
The visitation of Oyo State delegation to Cyprus for gambling know-how comes only a few days after the GREF 2019 Conference was over. Both of these issues highlight the great strength our country gained in the Gambling market through the years.